2nd Place Winning Essay by Nikhel K.


Second place winning Essay by Nikhel K!


How Eye Level Has Helped Me Throughout My School Years By Nikhel Kamalia

I would like to thank all the amazing teachers in Eye Level that have helped me get this far in life. Eye Level has truly changed the way I live my life and study. In the following essay, I am explaining the ways Eye Level has helped me so they can help others in the same ways it has helped me.

One way Eye Level has helped me is by teaching me wonderful math skills. These math skills have been very helpful because they are efficient and simple to learn. Even though some of them might be grotesque, if you look at them closely you will see that they are exquisite or as most people say singular. For instance, one time at my school my teacher completely forgot the PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) rule. Our lesson just happened to be order of operations. If it were not for the distorted strategies our class would have to learn the order of operations the hard way. I really like these unique math strategies.

Eye Level has also helped me in reading. The skills in reading may not be as absurd and easy, but once you have them down you can do almost anything with reading/writing. From the figurative language to writing letters. One example is that when my teacher was trying to teach us basic opinion writing, no one could understand the process. Thanks to Eye Level, I taught the class the OREO (opinion, reasons, examples/evidence, and opinion) system. The manifest but unknown reading/writing strategies have really helped me through my years of elementary school.

Overall I think Eye Level should keep doing what it has been doing for the past years so it can help others who want to exceed in their studious life and in their work life. I hope Eye Level keeps going on for generations. I think it could make the U.S.A. a smarter place