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Franchisee of the year, ELPS Gold Winner 2012-2018



I’m Ritu patel, owner and Director here at the Eye Level Learning Center of Bartlett. Our Bartlett Center has been operating since 2012 and we are pleased to have served over 1000 students in our local community. In that time we have brought about much positive improvement in the way these children study and understand Math and English. High percentages of our students have been placed in gifted and SWAS programs every year. We are proud of the reputation we have developed in Bartlett area. We, as owner/operator, along with our excellent staff of teachers are committed to helping you succeed.

I have over 20 years of experience in the field of education, have worked in similar capacity as Learning Center Director with other supplemental educational program and am a parent of two successful children. With this background and passion for education, I was able to quickly assimilate the values of the Eye Level methods to children, in particular the Critical Thinking component. In addition, the comprehensive English program covering grammar, comprehension, fluency, phonics, vocabulary, reading & writing, is superior to other programs, which fall short in this area.

With 8 years in the Eye Level Franchisee program, we are proud to mention that I had the opportunity to receive awards every year since its inception; 2010 & 2011 Enopi Recognition awards, 2012 Franchisee of the Year, 2013 Winner of Midwest Eye Level Competition for reaching the highest increase of subjects, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Eye Level Performance Society (ELPS) member (an award for top performing franchisees). I have also represented Midwest region franchisees as a Franchisee Advisory Committee Member (FAC member) in 2014 and have been a part of the team that made periodic improvements to the program from time to time.

We firmly believe that a good foundation in education is the key to success in all walks of life. We make learning fun and centered around individual needs. This is essential in developing strong study habits and capabilities for lifelong learning.

 It is our personal mission to make sure that your children learn math techniques and reading skills that will literally change the course of their lives. Thank you for allowing them to join us on this special- and very personal -quest!

Please email, call (630-213-7475) or drop by to visit and see how we can make a difference in your child’s life.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with your children.





My son really like here. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is safe. I definitely recommend this eye level location..
--Rushi S

This is the best class for academic education I found for my son. He is 8 now, started when he was 4. It really helped him learning and practicing every concept thoroughly. The owner of Bartlett eye level makes sure each kid gets proper guidance. I would highly recommend Eye level Bartlett
--Namrata T

My son has being attending eye level for over an year and I have seen a tremendous improvement.. the staff and teachers are outstanding..
--Bhavini Patel

My kids of 2nd and 4th graders are attending the center for 4 years. Kids love going to the center. The director is experienced and knowledgeable about surrounding school districts.My son is accepted in gifted program with the help of critical thinking program and director's directions, We not only get great curriculum but also receive extra support as parents. We appreciate annual math bee, spelling bee, Battle of the books and other free workshops.I recommend this location.
--Chetan C

Everyone at this center is so caring and helpful. They monitor the progress of each and every student. I highly recommend your child going through their program.
--Nisha K

Rina Patel Teacher and staff is very cooperative. Very systematic approach and handle every kids according to their needs. Also host lots of different academic activity which prepare kids for their MAP , BOB and other competitions.
--Rina Patel

This program is great for kids.
--Mr. Dharmesh Patel

This learning center is excellent in their overall approach with children, and parents. If you wanna know how to get your child into the gifted program and onwards, this is the place to go!! Pros. 1. They offer both Math and English (writing included) classes. Either take one or the other, or both. 2. I believe they have a program for Pre-K as well, so if you have a 3-4 yr old with a sibling and would like to get them prepared for school, they offer it too. 3. Their program is straightforward and customized for every child since they do a test before your kids start. 4. Their teachers are all certified and wonderful with your kids. 5. Their overall staff is so helpful with getting you and your kids the right stuff and you can just tell that they care about the children's progress. Cons. 1. You'll get a child who uses big words that you'd have to break your dictionary out or ask your husband to elucidate(big word) just so you can decipher(another big word) what your kid is saying. 2. Be prepared for your child to ask to go to E.nopi/Eye Level so you'd have to rework your schedule around it, haha!
--Lilly H

Enrolling my children at this center is one of the best decision we made. Center operator is highly professional, very well versed in education, and totally focused on quality. My kids benefited to most here compared to any other after-school program. Progress they made is highly satisfactory from a parent's perspectives but most importantly, we see their clear and significant improvement in our kid's confidence level, performance, and grades in school.
--Eye Level Bartlett Parent

Eye Level has taught my child many helpful test taking skills, organization skills as well as life skills. They focus on the entire child and teach the children to believe in themselves in the most positive environment possible. Keep up the good work.
--Lora M

I like everything about this program. Timo has become a different student. He actually enjoys everything about the program and has actually become a better student. We love the staff at Bartlett center. The director cares about each and every child! -Parent of Timoleon K
--Valary Kapadoukakis

My daughter and son are both enrolled with E.nopi for math. reading & writing, I was sceptical at first, but wanted to give it a try since my daughter was having difficulty with Math. After just 10 weeks, I started to see a distinct improvement in my daughter's math ability and even though it was difficult for me to measure the improvement in my son, I noticed improvement in writing & vocabulary. I had enrolled my daughter in other programs like Kumon and had no luck, it was mere repetition which did not help. It really worked and I would highly recommend other parents to try it. The cost was reasonable, and my child received the attention that I was hoping for and I got RESULTS - the most important element for a frustrated parent!! I liked the critical thinking math which keeps my kids challenged and teaches different ways of thinking.

My daughter Ellen is 9 years old and in 4th grade at a public school. We have been in Enopi/Eye Level for more than two years. My husband and I have seen a big improvement in my daughter with her academic performance, especially in Math. Now, with the aid supplemental learning of Eye level she is number one in her class in Math facts, multiplication and division . As parents, we both work full time and are busy. Though I would like to mentor my daughter, I didn't have the tools to do that until I heard about Enopi. Their program helps my daughter to stay focused and disciplined and balance learning and play. TV watching consumes a lot of wasted time for kids that is why they call it entertainment – to amuse or entertain their brain function. Having an Enopi worksheet first as part of the routine helps the kids to balance between learning and playing. My daughter is also engaged in reading and writing as well. I don’t need to remind her to read books because of the Enopi program. I have no doubt in my mind Enopi is a foundational learning tool for academic excellence. I would also like to commend the director, Ritu at Bartlett branch, who is never tired of creating more ideas to serve. She even added the Spelling Bee program and some workshops like Time Management for kids and in the summer bowling for fun, all free of charge. Isn't that very cool? I also commend the friendly and dedicated teachers they are real teacher not high school students. They are very willing to help the kids with no partiality. As parent we are confident our kids is happy at Enopi-Eye Level.
--Elvira Mendoza

Why is Enopi a helpful learning center? There are many reasons why it is a good learning center. My personal experience with Enopi is that helped me in reading, writing and math. One of the reasons, Enopi is helpful, it has improved my reading skills. I was not very good at comprehending in reading. About 75% of the time I would understand what I read. Once I stepped into Enopi class I would now understand what I’m reading 99% of the time. My reading MAP testing scores have improved over the years. Before Enopi, my 1st grade MAP test score was 162 which placed me in 45% range. By the end of the year I was up to 86% . Now I’m in 4th grade my MAP testing score is 228 that is in the 96% . Enopi really has helped me improve in reading! Another way Enopi has helped me is in writing. Now you might think a 1st grader or 2nd won’t be able to write a complete story. Not me though because I went to Enopi. Enopi has helped me with punctuation, spelling and grammar. I am one of the top students in writing. My friend asked me `` How did you learn to write so well? I replied, ``because I go to Enopi’’. My favorite subject is math. Enopi has helped me be the best that I can be. It helps me with fractions, geometry, arithmetic and number sense. In 1st grade my math MAP test score was 183. By 2nd grade, it increased to 224. According to my calculations that is a 41 point increase. I am currently in 4th grade, in an advanced class called accelerated math. This is how Enopi has made me a better mathematician. To sum it all up, Enopi has continuously improved my academics. For the first time I got all A’s on my report card this year. It has given me the confidence to be the best I can be. I have been coming to Enopi for four years. So trust me everything I have written is not a lie!!!
--Akshay Brahmbhatt


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